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It is to inform and protect new people entering trucking world.

You are doing companies a benefit by hiring on with them.  They are using your good health and putting you at risk in their equipment making you think they are doing you a favor!  You have only one life to offer they have many trucks and can replace them all.  You can't afford that luxry!  Don't take a job unless you feel good and safe with them.  Be quick to leave a job if you find it is not what they offered.  Your safety and well being is my mission and that is to protect you!

This page updated: April 20, 2017


Step #1--First, you need a license to drive trucks which is called a "CDL"--Commercial Drivers License.  I would suggest you check with your local college to see if they have a truck driver training program there.  You could qualify for a student loan or, if a veteran, the government will pay the cost.

Step #2--Use local resources--Doing it this way you have some control over your future compared to going off to some training program for a company in which you will be compelled to work for and probably sign on for a year, then they may pay your schooling.  However, while at the trucking school, companies will come visit looking for recruits to join their company.

Step #3--Those of you who live out and away from any place to get training from, except through a company program, then you don't have a choice.  However, all of this sounds like a great idea, but when the day comes to catch the bus and leave this idea can turn sour real fast.

Step #4--Here are types of jobs and a partial list to choose from!.  Which would you like to be--can you choose one?

1. Freight hauler.

2. Construction hauler

3. Hazardous hauler

4. Tank hauler

5. Flat bed hauler

6. Local hauler (city & state)

7. Road driver (gone week at time)

8. Long haul driver (gone 3 weeks or more each trip)

9. Low boy hauler

10. Small doubles

11. Large doubles

12. Triples Small

13. Straight trucks

14. Other specialized hauling

Step #5--As you see, there are various types of equipment and occupations that you might want to consider.  Each one has its own specifications you must become familiar with.  Just to say, "I want to become a truck driver" is only a beginning to many years of experience.

Step #6--First decision should be; "Why do you want to become a truck driver?"  Have this question answered in your mind because it will come back to haunt you if you are not sure.

Step #7--Family life--If you are a family man then you don't want a road job because you would lose your family life as you know it.  If you are under 30 years old and married then be sure you don't take a road job.   You may get your "walking" papers if you persist going on the road.   A lot of women are not going to stay home alone while you truck around the country.  You would need a very good understanding with your spouse to allow you to be gone like that.  I can't say anything good about being separated for long periods of time from your family or spouse.

Step #8--Understand your spouse--For many there is a worry from the spouse that is left at home and that is about how their loved one is behaving on the road.   Are they cheating?   Are they being true?   What will they do when they become lonely?   Will they look for someone to be with?

Step #9--Stay focused--The only thing I can say for either spouse is to worry about yourself and not the other.  You be concerned about how you are behaving in your life because if the other person is not true to your marriage--it is their problem--not yours.  That may be difficult to understand, but think about it--if you have a clean conscious and are being true to yourself, then you can't control how your mate is behaving.  If your mate does something they should be ashamed of, then it is their guilt--not yours.

Know yourself--Otherwise, Driver, you worry about what you do while you are gone because that is a big enough job right there.   One doesn't need to worry if their wife is running around while they are at work.  However, on the same level, the wife needs not worry about her mate out on the road, rather keep her balance at home and not fall to some slick talking phony that would take advantage of her situation.

Step #10--Know what you are doing--As far as deciding what you may do or not do is something that must be answered before any type of situation comes up.   know what your decision is before hand.   Do not get yourself involved in any improper relationship with any one.   This advice is for men and women!  Knowing yourself will strengthen your confidence helping you build a brighter future no matter what you are doing.

To illustrate the meaning of knowing yourself, I once had someone try explain to me,   "Nobody will know so what have you got to lose?"

My answer was,  "Fool, I'll know!"

I hope these words have been useful to you and will help you on your way into the trucking industry in a good way.

What kind of truck driver do you want to become and what kind of person do you want to be?

  You must answer these two questions up front before you ever get behind the wheel of any kind of truck.


Find out how you can get your CDL on your own.

How to become a truck driver

"Get CDL on your own"

"Happy trails to you on what ever pathways you may travel on your journey in this life."
"Once a Trucker--always a Trucker".

It is not my purpose to tell you "how" to drive a truck, but to help you think about becoming a truck driver.  There are more reasons why you shouldn't become a truck driver than there is to become one.  However, if you are sure that's what you want to do then I hope this information will help you become a truck driver.

Some things never change in the trucking world and you should be aware of them before you spend some of your life and good health in vain doing something that could cause you misery and heartbreak.   Driving 500 to 600 miles a day is tough on your body and mind.   Also if you don't receive a great pay from the get go don't take the job.   New drivers take a greater risk than the older experience drivers but you haul the same freight so why are you restricted to low pay?


Many of you wish to have the driving experience to go along with your CDL.  However this all depends just what kind of truck driver you want to become!  If you want to become a semi-driver and truck all over the country or even within you local state then find some one willing to teach you as a co-driver or what ever means and if all fails then go to a truck school.   Even this won't prepare you for the experience you are looking for.   Experience is in the doing!   So, go slow and take your time and be sure what you are doing.  Main thing you want a job, you want to support your family.   There are a lot of jobs out there and they don't require you to travel all over the country and be away from home so long.   So be careful what you do and who you sign with.  Take short runs to get a feel of the highways you will be traveling.  

Main thing, is get a job and be safe driver.

Interstate drivers requires medical exam first!

Law now requires a person to present their DOT Medical card when they take their CDL test. Your medical info will be identified within your CDL. Other wise when an officer of the law checks you out for what ever reason they will see you have your physical as required.

Even if you are renewing your CDL you won't get your CDL unless you present your Medical exam to them.

Also you must declare what kind of driver you are and type of equipment you are driving. You are required to bring the type of equipment you will be using.

In the state of Illinois this law took affect the first of February, 2012.

It will be necessary for you to check out at the Driver's Facilities in your state what you are required to do.

What this means Inter-state drivers have a valid medical exam to present at time of renewal of license. If your exam expires your CDL will not be valid! You must keep your DOT exam valid at all times because if it expires your CDL will not be legal!

Here is info about self-certification of your medical status.

You must self certify as to your medical status.  When you step up to the counter at the driver's facility and ask to renew or apply for your license they will ask you what kind of driver you are claiming to be?  Other wise what category are you in?  It is not the clerk's job to know this and they will tell you it is your responsibility to know what category you are in.

It sounds confusing at first however what they want to know is if you are driving State to Sate or do you cross the State line?   If your answer is, "YES"!  That means you are certifying as "1".  You keep a log as required by Department of Transportation.

If you are just working in the state you live in then you are will tell them you are Intrastate.  If you are Intrastate driver you can get your CDL without presenting a DOT Physical.  However your state will require you to have a physical and carry DOT card with you at all times or most likely you will be put out of service at time of inspection.  Check with your State DOT for requirements.

The exceptions are such as Firemen or do you drive a City Fire Truck?   Are you a Farmer?  Milatary or service connected.  Are you a school bus driver?  Most of us are going to be "1" or "3".

Remember when you present yourself to the DMV and are asked,  "What is your certification?"  You are either Interstate or Intrastate if you are a commercial truck driver being paid for your service.

You can choose to research this at the web site of the federal DOT listed below.  

Medical Certification Requirements:
Go to DOT Medical Requirements!"

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