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My name is Dick Lower.  My age is 88 years old.  It was 67 years ago I began to drive commercial equipment.  In 1948 working in warehouse unloading semi's I also learned how to back them into loading docks.  Not working in the warehouse I was delivering or running small equipment for supplies.  1955 got promoted out of warehouse into a semi.  Forty years later in September 1995 retired as a Teamster.  Retirement brought new driving experience with buses and limousines.  It was Septmenber 2016 turned in my keys as bus driver ending my life as a commercial driver.  It is not without experience that my understanding of truck driver's life and world I write about.  

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Retired 1995

It is the purpose of this web site to give you truthful information about the life of truck drivers. Information that will help all decide if they wish to become a truck driver. All the draw backs and hardships are reviled so a person may make a decision to become a truck driver. What this site does not do is tell you how to drive a truck.

Happy trails to you in what ever path way your journey takes you in the World of the Truck Driver!

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