It is to inform and protect new people entering trucking world.

You are doing companies a benefit by hiring on with them.  They are using your good health and putting you at risk in their equipment making you think they are doing you a favor!  You have only one life to offer they have many trucks and can replace them all.  You can't afford that luxry!  Don't take a job unless you feel good and safe with them.  Be quick to leave a job if you find it is not what they offered.  Your safety and well being is my mission and that is to protect you!

Page updated: 1/9/2022

World of the Truck Driver presents the SPIRIT OF THE ROAD TO:

Freight Haulers World Wide.

  Freight Haulers world wide have one goal and that is to deliver their freight safe and sound in the quickest way they can. To these men and women I take my hat off to.  They are the backbone to the trucking industry.  With out them the manufactures would stop dead in their tracks.  This is not to take anything away from other drivers in the industry as each have just as important duty.  However in this instant the freight haulers put up with so much more than one knows unless you have been a freight hauler yourself.

These drivers drive anything thrown there way to anyplace they are dispatched at anytime of the day.  Bad weather is only an inconvenience to these drivers because they get dispatched in any kind of weather unless the State Police shuts them down.

One thing about working as a freight hauler (Union or non-union) you must be a seasoned driver with plenty of experience under your belt.  Talk is cheap so when you hire on with a company as a freight hauler you will be put through your paces.  You will find a new meaning to what it means to be a, "truck driver".

You are a truck driver in the fullest sense that the industry can produce.  You will drive new trucks, old trucks--nobody is going to promise you a new truck to drive and you will go anyplace, anywhere, anytime dispatch tells you.  You will most likely drive a different truck each trip you go out because they slip seat their fleets unless a person is on a bid run.  You will be dispatched out into all kinds of weather and go whether you like it or not--you must make the effort to ride.

Freight haulers have been leaders in the industry for a long time and will remain in the forefront continuing to deliver the best of service. They have been and remain the workhorses of the industry.

Since there isn't any monies involved or profit achieved with this presentation the only award is the recognition of what the, "Spirit of the Road" stands for.  This award cannot be influenced by advertising or monies it is an award of honor.  The highest honor a truck driver can give to another driver is to address each other as, "driver".  Whether it is a woman or man there isn't any difference when we call each other, "driver".  So it is in the Industry the freight haulers, "KEEP ON TRUCKING" no matter what.

We are equal and all dedicated to one purpose,"The safety of the general public and the delivery of our cargo is our purpose."

To achieve the legacy that freight haulers have reached it takes more than just money and a purpose it takes spirit.  Therefore with this in mind I present the, "Spirit of the Road" award to all the freight haulers around the world no matter where you deliver your freight.

To all of you drivers I wish Happy trails where ever your journey may take you.  The only thing I can give you is the "Spirit of the Road" logo.  Keep the Spirit of the Road rolling on!  Wear it! Display it or use it however you feel fit to do so.  Change the logo to fit your need if you wish.


When a Truck Driver climbs into the cab of a truck he creates a bond with the mechanical beauty he refers to as, "his truck".

However before that someplace far off much effort has been given to design and build, "his truck".

Then one day "his truck" arrives at the Company yard.  A mechanic works very carefully preparing it for the road.  The mechanic is breathing life into the mechanical beauty placing his skill and his spirit into this beautiful machine.

Now the spirit and thoughts of the Company comes into focus as the beautiful machine is made even more attractive as it is painted and decorated with design and pleasing colors.

Even more attention is given to the beautiful machine as others in the company perform serious duties which provide this beautiful machine the right to operate in a legal and safe way.

Finally the day comes when the Company president and everyone else who had a hand in giving life to this beautiful machine quietly observe the Truck Driver and "his truck" getting acquainted.

The day has now come and the driver and his beautiful machine are headed out for the open road.  Together they represent the effort and spirit of everyone in the company as they ride down the highway and into the future representing the, "Spirit of the Road".

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Dick Lower Webmaster, of "World of the Truck Driver", retired truck driver/40 years, independent writer of truck driver stories for various trade magazines and web sites.